Coming soon: Book 2 of The Queenie Chronicles, Floreat Queenie.

Due in Jan 2018, book two will follow events in year two of the new administration. If your loved ones haven’t read Queenie’s teapot yet, be sure to get it for Christmas. Then they can preorder Floreat Queenie in the new year with all those gift vouchers!

Queenie’s Teapot is now live!  Kindle and print copies available from the Amazon site in your country.

Queenie's-Teapot-Logo-for-WebTake the weight off and have a cup of tea while we tell you what’s going on.

This website is going to be devoted to the comings and goings and doings of Queenie Mason in her capacity as heroine of the timely new political classic, Queenie’s Teapot.

This whimsical what-if was due to be launched at Easter 2017, but politics in 2016 got so rapidly bonkers that we decided to hustle a bit and get it out before real life nicked all the gags.

We’re planning all manner of Queenie related fun on these pages, an Easter Egg Hunt for example, with glittering prizes (probably at Easter, but you never know) and an opportunity to chat with your favourite character. Those pages are still under construction right now but the backstory to Queenie’s existence is available for your perusal. As is a sneak peek of Chapter One, hoorah!

Be sure to check back frequently, or follow us on your favoured social media platform, for news, merch and Queenie-related chat. In the meantime, click the image below to buy your copy (or read free of charge if you’re in Kindle Unlimited.)

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