Glittering prizes!

Rocky   January 12, 2017   2 Comments on Glittering prizes!

It’s all go here at Queenie HQ! We’re so close to launch date we can taste the tea and biccies. But, we had a bit of a setback with the pre-orders of paperback copies. As you know, you can pre-order kindle copies of Queenie’s Teapot already, at the fabulous discount of a whole dollar off, plus the excitement of knowing it’ll be in your hands the very first moment it’s available.

But it turns out that Amazon are only set up for paperback preorders in the US, and we thought that was a bit unfair on our British and international fans, so here’s a chance to win one instead. Queenie’s first rafflecopter is now live and not only can you win a signed print copy, there’s Queenie swag to be had too:

Queenie’s tote bag

House of Commons Postits!

House of Commons Postits

Queenie’s tea mug






All you have to do is one or more of the things below, log in to the rafflecopter to see them…to get one or more chances to win! And you get to help the world get excited about Queenie too. What’s not to like? Winners will be announced here on launch day, so to find out first whether you’re a winner you might want to subscribe to Queenie’s blog. We won’t spam you, promise.

(Hint: there are three different tweets for you to choose from, just hit the tweet button and you’ll see the text. You can tweet every day for more chances to win!)

(Plea: We’re not allowed to ask you to share this Rafflecopter on Facebook as one of the entry options…terms and conditions etc. But we’d love you if you did it anyway. There may be random bits of swag down the line for Queenie’s special pals.)


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2 thoughts on “Glittering prizes!

  1. Dayle B

    Thanks, for the visit to your unique and well designed site too.
    Liked and shared on fb also.
    Would love to snag some of your sweet swag too.


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