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Pre-order your kindle copy

There wasn’t supposed to be a series, but people kept asking what happened next. Plus, they pointed out, ‘It’s a three-year term, you’ve only covered year one. You’re writing a trilogy,’ they said.

I do like to do as I’m told, so a trilogy there must be.

Book two of the Queenie Chronicles will be out on January 18th and is already available to pre-order for your kindle on Amazon.

Floreat Queeenie, and so say all of us in the engine room!

If you’ve not yet met Queenie and aren’t sure if her teapot is your cup of tea (see what we did there?) You can read chapter one of Queenie’s Teapot here, and then find chapter one of Floreat Queenie sneaked in at the end of both the paperback and and kindle versions.



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