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You can now preorder kindle copies of Queenie’s Teapot!

Click to preorder

Click to preorder

Yes, I know we said Easter 2017, but what with world politics getting barmier by the day we decided to hustle a bit and get the dear old love onto your bookshelves and into your kindles a bit earlier. Pukka launch day is set for January 24th. (Yes, just after the US inauguration, not that we think both farces are similar or anything) but you can preorder your copy now.

And what’s more, the preorders are just a tiny bit cheaper. Both kindle and paperback are a dollar cheaper now that they will be after Jan 24th.

If you have a stocking full of Amazon vouchers, now’s the time to let them burn a hole in your, well stocking. If you’re in need of a laugh, or an antidote to politics, or a rollicking good read, go get Queenie, she cheers everyone up.

If you want news of paperbacks, merch, competitions (glittering prizes!) and the progress of book 2 in Queenie’s Chronicles you can subscribe by email in the sidebar, or follow Carolyn on Facebook or Twitter.

Just in case you haven’t made your mind up yet, here’s the blurb:

A post-Brexit, post-Trump romp through the world of what-if…

In a world where democracy has been declared no longer fit for purpose, a cohort of randomly-selected British Republic citizens receive their call to serve in parliament. As the strangers gather to learn their tasks for the next three years, the Cabinet Support Team try to fit jobs to skills—but Queenie can’t do nuffin’. Naturally she becomes head of state. Together the new government muddles through, tackling unrest on the streets and a spot of global bioterrorism in addition to their own journeys of self-discovery.

And if that hasn’t whetted your appetite sufficiently, here’s a sneak peek of Chapter One, plus of course, the summons that started all the trouble.

Goodness, after all that excitement, it must be time for a cup of tea. See you soon.


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