Queenie’s 1st book club

Well, that was exciting!

An old pal of mine from university days (yeah, we shared a student house in the 70s) suggested Queenie’s Teapot to her book club and they agreed to read it last month.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I’d be able to do a video question and answer session as part of their meeting to chat about the book. Naturally I was delighted, a tad flattered and terribly nervous. Suppose they hated it? Suppose the technology let me down? But who wouldn’t say yes?

The technology did let us down a bit. It appears my laptop hasn’t completely recovered from the second time I had to strip the screen apart and cobble the tiny co-ax wires together, so the video refused to work but we managed to have a great chat anyway. In fact, it might have been better that way, I have a good face for audio-only. Thankfully though, they didn’t hate it.

The questions were really interesting, and we meandered down all sorts of cul-de-sacs to do with the incredible skills of the kind people who gave me technical advice, several clues as to real-life easter eggs hidden in the story, and the butter-sculpting Buddhist monks I once met on Vancouver Island.

Here are some of their great questions. They are without the answers, natch, or you’d not need to have me come and chat to your book club would you? And now I’ve done it once, it is obviously a thing wot I do.

  • I was interested that you had not expected the types of technology to have advanced very much over the next 15 years, just the uses of it, is that how you envisage things progressing?
  • If the book was made into a film or TV programme who would you choose for Queenie?
  • Do you think that our ‘traditional’ government will come back? Is that another book
  • How do you know so much about politics and the workings of government etc?
  • Do you think craft activities help people relax and concentrate? Which crafts would you recommend for stressed-out people?
  • What is your writing routine?
  • Why did you think Queenie should take a teapot, of all things, everywhere?

So, with heartfelt thanks to Chrissy Noble and the Uckfield Divas WI Reading Group, it’s official. On Queenie’s behalf I now do readings, signings and guest appearances at book clubs. Next stop, Radio Lancashire!

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