Queenie’s first gig

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Many thanks to Michelle and the other lovely people at Elevenses on Scott cafe in Kitchener. They are hosting a reading/signing/Q&A all about Queenie and pals on the evening of April 6th. We popped in this week to set up a little display to publicise the do and it looks fab.

Who knew their fireplace would match Queenie’s cover?

They’re giving out free bookmarks to customers, so if you are local, do pop in for one. The coffee is grand too, and the soups are delish. If you pop in on a Thursday they do grilled cheese with fried onions!

On the day itself we’re doing door prizes: the mugs and totes and post-its that we ordered for Queenie’s preorder giveaway were so fab that we had to get some more. Just turn up for a chance to win, who could resist? Michelle has added some of their lovely teas to be won too.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be trying to turn myself into a marketing genius by appearing on local TV and radio. So, there will be recordings of that stuff to come, unless I make a total idiot of myself of course, in which case, there won’t.

Plus, planning for the event itself! What to read? What to wear? How to cope if nobody shows up. I could always read Chapter One, but these brilliant bookmarks have a QR code leading to the sneek peek of chapter one so it’s just possible people will have read it.

That leaves me with the task of selecting some favourite passages. Hmm. What to choose? The mai tai disappearing up Sammy’s nose, Queenie replacing the Queen’s piper with Bert’s mouth organ, Gerald’s fondness for Kenny Everett? I think i might have to include Deborah’s comeuppance.

If you live in south-western Ontario we’d love to see you there. If not, well follow the blog for news of how it goes.

I’ll be in England from May so watch for events on that side of the Pond later in the year. In the meantime, I’m off to get a pre-telly haircut. I’m ready for my close-up Mr DeMille.




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