Two days left…

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It’s an exciting weekend here at Queeenie HQ, not only are almost launched, but the lovely Sue Vincent is hosting us today on her splendid blog, the Daily Echo. Many thanks, Sue, for taking a guest post at short notice. I sent her a rough post and she added the most brilliant title, Racing against reality. I wish I’d thought of it.

And, the rafflecopter now stands at 463 entries, which is loads more than we expected, so many, many thanks to everyone who shared, tweeted, google plussed and facebooked the link.  Special thanks and a link (like we promised) to Joy, who reblogged the rafflecopter post on her website We know a few more of you have reblogged, but if we got your email address, or twitter handle, or a blog we weren’t authorised to read, in the info box, we can’t link back to your site. If you’d like a mention, do email us the link to your post.

We were hoping to have a pic today of the goodie bags being packed up to post to winners, but as ever Canada Post leaves a little to be desired. We have it on less-than-reliable authority, ie UPS tracking data, that the swag is nearly here. So, in the meantime, we’ll have to make do with one of me, signing the rafflecopter grand prize.

There’s still time to enter the rafflecopter here!

And of course, you can still read chapter one here

And preorder your kindle copy here

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, whereupon, as if by magic, preordered copies will appear on kindles and print books will be available on Amazon.

Queenie is very excited.


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